Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Here are a few pictures of the kids at the pool, since my documentation of this summer would not be complete without a few pictures of something we have done quite a bit. I am sad that my documentation will forever remain incomplete owing to the fact that I forgot to take my camera when we went up to Bakersfield last Saturday to see my cousin. The kids had a ball. Jill and Niel had a bounce house and super fun slip-and-slide set up in the back yard when we got there. My cousins (I guess? Our grandma's are sisters) Letty and Cody were there with their families as well. As Tilly would say, "Thanks Aunt Cousin Jill."


Jill said...

Oh I was SO GLAD to get a chance to hang out with you guys for a little while. I really appreciate you making the drive up to come visit us! Hopefully we will be able to see eachother more often then once every couple years. We love you guys!