Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eat That!

Who refuses to eat vegetables came home from church to find lunch at the table for her. She promptly sat down and started to gobble it up. What she didn't know was that I had pulled the old switcheroo! What she thought were mashed potatoes was actually mostly cauliflower. I sat happily gloating. Just as she was about to take the last bite, I dropped the bomb. She gave me a very dirty look, dropped her fork, and pushed her plate away. Victory at last!

The doctor gave him a new round of anti-boiotics for an ear infection we can't quite kick. They must be really gross because every time we go to give it to him, he freaks out and says "It's dog medimus."

Tilly (reverse Eat that)
I picked her up from her friends house last night and I hadn't driven ten feet before Cricket said Tilly was going to throw up. I pulled over and she just made it to the door. She started to puke and all she could say between heaves was "I'm not going to church." (You have to admit, you have thought it while puking)