Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Party Animals

If you are looking for a wild and crazy time, you might want to think twice before coming to stay at the Gibbs. This video took place a couple of weeks ago. Katie came into town with her friend Becca and they wanted to go to the movies,so I watched their babies. Jon went to watch Shrek with our kids in the living room while I bathed Zaya and Jada. (Keep in mind that the kids were all kind of under the weather. Dewy in particular had been throwing up all week.) Anyway after the girls got out of the bath, I put some pjs on them and we played toys in Dewy's room for a few minutes. I came out to the following scene and thought it was so cute, I video taped it. The best part about the whole thing is that it was only eight o'clock. This may very well never happen again, so I decided to share this possible once in a lifetime with you. (Tilly is the only one of my children that likes to sleep so far. Cricket got up at 4:30 am yesterday and started watching Full House and Jon only collapses like this when he stops moving, which isn't very often.) I hope this video inspires everyone who sees it to just take it easy once in a while.


Michelle Wilkes said...

Is it bad that I immediately recognize what part of Shrek they were at? Hope you did something fun during your moment of peace!

paul, jaylene, kaden and karter said...

ahhh, silence. its amazing how cute they are when they are asleep huh?

DnD Gibb said...

Total exhaustion! We hope they didn't wake up after a refresher and want to stay up all night. Did Zaya and Jada go to sleep soon so you could collapse, too.--We know, Katy and Becca got back and everyone woke up. It was party time again!