Monday, February 16, 2009


Here are the Valentine's I made for the kids this year. Jack was the only one Dewy gave one to, but the girls passed them out to their classes. To all our family and friends out there- we love you.


Jill said...

Jenny - Totally not a fair comment that you made on my blog ... I don't make anyone look bad! Look how cute your valentines are and matching jammies even for the dolls??? Thats amazing - and takes lots of patients and planning ahead! I am more of a last minute do something that takes 10 minutes or less because I waited too long kinda girl. ;)
You are amazing and I look up to you all the time.
Wish we lived closer so that we could craft together. I still think about when you and Mariah would get together every friday and make ornaments ... I need a partner like that.
Anyways I love looking at your blog and I think your kids are beautiful!

Michelle Wilkes said...

Tooo cute! I think I will steal your idea for next year!

DnD Gibb said...

We loved our Valentine treats. You are always so creative. So glad you are going skiing, too. Cricket must love it and is probably mastering the snowplow, or is she already beyond that?