Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Le'go his Eggo

So as of the last week, Dewy has become obsessed with frozen waffles and he knows how to open the freezer. So at least once a day, he brings me a frozen waffle to cook for him and will not take no for an answer. Today he came running up to me and said, "A waffle, mommy," only this time there was no waffle. His hands were cold and he smelled like a waffle. I came out to find where he had put the waffle that I was sure he had gotten out of the freezer, but I couldn't find it and I couldn't understand what he was saying when I asked him where it was. I was afraid the dog had eaten it. I went to the freezer to make sure waffles weren't spilled everywhere. When I opened the freezer there it was: a half eaten waffle. That's right ladies and gentlemen, he is now literally eating frozen waffles.

PS. I am going to put up some posts from Christmas and my birthday as soon as I get the pictures. They will be old and out of order, but this is my blog and that is pretty much how I do things; late and out of order.


DnD Gibb said...

Dewey is a true Gibb...will eat anything at anytime when hunger strikes. Just love him to death!

Christmas is not on our blog either, so I'm with you, Jenny. Not sure why I am racing for time when all the little ones are gone.

paul, jaylene, kaden and karter said...

thats hilarious! I hate it when they can get into the fridge! little turds, mine do that with string cheese and gogurts