Monday, March 9, 2009


The change of seasons means something different in our household than it may in yours.
Basketball has passed away and baseball and softball are in full bloom. This is Jon in his softball uniform. He is umping city league softball and high school baseball. I will try to get one of him in full baseball gear up soon (He has his first game tonight). You know what they say ladies, "I'm a sucker for a man in uniform."

In sadder news, I have had to give up my best Christmas and birthday presents this year. My sister bought me a plane ticket to San Francisco for Christmas so we could go on a trip together, but her sister-in-law is getting married that weekend. My parents gave me Wicked tickets for my birthday but they are on Easter Sunday. With the travel we would have to do, we would have to miss spending most of the day with our kids and I just couldn't bare the thought of that. Cricket is already almost to the point that she is too old for hunting eggs, although her competitive nature may keep that tradition going longer than would be expected. (They were both such nice gifts, and they both made it up to me. If it makes a difference feel really guilty about the Wicked tickets). So I guess the lesson learned is never buy me tickets for anything.


Ilah said...

I love it!! Jenny...1 Question for do you resist a man in such a uniform like baseball?
Love you guy's

Michelle Wilkes said...

Jenny, all I can say is- did you get rain checks on all of those? And are they transferable? Because I am such a good friend, I will use those tickets for you. Yep, that's the kind of friend I am!
And I love your house, I'm always peeking around the people in your pictures to see your house.

DnD Gibb said...

You are one TRUELY DEDICATED MOM! Your reward for such a sacrifice is coming! I agree that Jon is one handsome man in uniform and so is his dad and his brothers in their military uniforms. What great men we live with.--Loved our visit this morning, and maybe we can catch a baseball game when we come in May to see the girls dance. Sure love you