Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poor Cricket!

I got a phone call last Thursday from Katie around lunch time saying she was down at the school doing playground duty and Cricket was in the office crying. She had fallen off the monkey bars and hurt her wrist. By the time I got to the school it was swelling. Off we went to the pediatrician's office and this is what we had a couple hours later. She has a buckle fracture just above her left wrist. She also has a non-waterproof caste. That means no boating, swim lessons, water slides etc. for five weeks. She had to drop out of gymnastics and will be sporting this caste in her annual dance recital. As Durfenshmutz would say "Curse you monkey bars."


DnD Gibb said...

Oh, good, we are the first to view your blog or at least comment. After talking with you today, I thought I ought to check the blog updates. Here is the whole story of Cricket's monkey bars' tragedy. We are so sorry Cricket has to put so much aside for a few weeks We promise it will pass quickly and your pink cast will be an added attraction for your ballet recital. Just take care, Cricket, and let your arm heal correctly. Lots of love

Dana G said...

I am so sorry about the broken arm! I bet it hurt like crazy and I bet everyone at school heard it!
When I hurt my left hand/fingers, my dad wrapped a baggie around my hand and taped it in place so I could take a bath and go swimming. I had to hold it up over my head, but that did not stop me from dipping in the pool. Maybe a trash bag for Cricket would work????